Extraflex inflator hose

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Extraflex hose for BCD inflator or for dry suits


Extraflex hoses feature an external nylon safety braiding designed to resist the snags and abrasions that divers often encounter. The  double braiding also resists UV rays out of the water, thus extending the life span of the hoses. 

Unlike the traditional hoses, the Extraflex nylon safety braiding is not simply pushed over the hose fittings. Instead the braiding is tightly bound and fixed to the hose core by stainless steel or brass sleeves. The result? Performance and durability in extreme situations. Tie the hose in a tight knot and the flow of air remains continuous through the hose. Now that’s versatility! 

The Extraflex also achieves a higher burst pressure – more than double when compared to most traditional hoses. And in the event of a physical breach, these hoses actually work to reduce the amount of air lost. How? The nylon safety braiding actively shrinks under pressure, reducing the rate of air loss and buying valuable time. 


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