Arena Carbon Flex VX Man

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Men's racing swimsuit Arena Carbon Flex VX

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The Powerskin Carbon Flex VX is NEW to the Arena Powerskin range and is a mix carbon fibre & high-stretch elastomer yarns. It also features the new VX-Flex system which allows for unrestricted flex and extension in all directions

In the V-Flex system, seams have been moved from the side of both women's and men's suits. On the women’s suits, the front seam runs from the crotch to under the arm, and the rear seam runs from the centre of the hamstring to under the arm.

The V-Flex System supports swimmers with three specific benefits:

  • Hip flexion and freedom of movement: Seam placement creates a “flexline” across the hip flexors, offering less resistance during hip flexion on starts, turns, and breaststroke kicks. The system delivers complete freedom of movement around the hips, glutes, and shoulders, along with perfect fit and comfort.
  • Linig effect - The rear seam creates a “tension line” between the two anchor points, limiting stretch on this line and having a lifting effect on the back of the legs. This helps to keep the legs high in the water during freestyle, and to keep the knees from dropping during breaststroke and butterfly
  • Push off the wall - During the tumble turn, the tension line also helps with pushing off the wall

In addition, the lengthening of the suit also provides greater body coverage, reinforcing the effects of Intelligent Compression. Not surprisingly, following the popularity of the innovative Carbon-Pro designs, the Carbon Flex has its own distinctive flair. By placing the bonded seams on the outside, the suit has a two-colour design, making it stand out from the crowd.

Top Features of the Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex VX:

  • Intelligent Muscle Compression
  • Carbon Cage Technology
  • Power Return System
  • VX System
  • New X-Construction provides added flexibility in under arm opening, providing enhanced shoulder mobility, range of motion, and comfort.
  • Relocated anchor points along mid-back provide optimum lift for upper and lower leg tension lines and enhance body position for maximum efficiency and drag reduction.
  • V-Flex System eliminates lower leg side seams, delivering maximum flexibility and range of motion in the hips and glutes.
  • Allows for unrestricted flexion and extension in all directions.

Information – customers from USA must be aware that the product is NOT COMPLIANT to NFHS The National Federation of State High School Associations and NCAA The National Collegiate Athletic Association


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