Jaked J17 FML man open water suit

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Men's full body racing open water swimsuit Jaked J17 FML

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The Jaked J17 Open Water men's swimsuit was designed for competitive swimmers to use for their most challenging races. This racing swimsuit is structured in a way that offers the least possible compression while still providing adequate support for the swimmer. The resulting garment offers unrivalled comfort and is extremely lightweight.

The full-body calf-length version with shoulder straps provides a freedom of movement that is particularly appreciated during strenuous training. The muscles are simultaneously stimulated and protected, and the athlete benefits from a faster recovery time. The ultra-lightweight fabric is water-repellent, preventing dispersion of heat during warm-up and racing, and the heat-sealed seams reduce friction in the water.

The combination of these two factors made it possible for the developers to create a swimsuit that fits the swimmer like a second skin. The fabric repels water and does not allow moisture to penetrate the fibres, which means that the swimsuit can be used daily without having to worry about deterioration. Available in sizes from 18 to 32.


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