Arena Carbon Flex Closed Woman

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Women's racing swimsuit Arena Carbon Flex Closed Back

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The Arena Carbon Flex builds on the work done by it's predecessor, the Carbon Pro. Incorporating the same 'carbon cage' system to employ targeted smart compression to muscles, allowing them to work at maximum efficiency and delaying fatigue.

Lightweight fabric has water repellent coating making it light and fast in the water. The material will not become waterlogged or heavy,

The 'Arena Carbon Flex' is the absolute pinnacle of swimwear engineering. Partner to the world's favourite performance swimsuit the 'Arena Carbon Pro'. The Flex is designed for backstroke, breaststroke and mid-to-long distance freestyle swimmers.

Carbon Flex swimsuits are being worn by the world's top athletes to help them perform at their very best when it's needed the most!

Featuring Arena's patented V-Flex system which moves the seams away from their traditional placing to offer specific benefits:

  • Hip Flexion and Freedom Of Movement – more flexibility for breaststroke and backstroke.
  • Lifting Effect - Rear seam creates a 'tension line' between two anchor points. This has a lifting effect on the back of the legs, pulling them in to the optimal position in the water during freestyle and helps to stop the swimmers knees from dropping during butterfly and breaststroke.
  • Push Of The Wall – the 'tension line' also helps in creating a spring effect when pushing off the wall after tumble turns.

FINA Approved "Please note – Arena Europe suits may not be eligible for USA competition due to logo restrictions.”




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